Meet the Teachers!


Christian Johnson


Introducing the visionary force behind the enchanting world of dance at Chrissy Raes Dance Academy, the owner, Christian Johnson. A dance enthusiast and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Chrissy has been a driving force in shaping the studio into a haven for artistic expression and creative exploration. Learn more about the leader and dance advocate that continues to shape the landscape of the dance community at CRDA by clicking here

Kay Kay Blakley

Office Manager

Ms. Kay Kay, a passionate advocate for the art of dance, serves as the dedicated office manage at Chrissy Rae’s Dance Academy. Or, as we like to call her, “the glue of the studio.” As the backbone of the studio, Kay Kay is in charge of overseeing, scheduling, registrations, and financial transactions. With her dedication, organizational prowess, an passion for dance, Kay Kay continues to be an integral part of CRDA, ensuring that the magic of movement is experienced by everyone who walks through the studio doors. 

Ashley Somerville

Office Assistant and Competition Teacher

As a competition teacher, Ashley Somerville was trained extensively in various dance styles, including contemporary, jazz, and lyrical. Ashley's commitment to excellence led her to become a sought-after performer and choreographer. Her dedication, artistry, and ability to ignite a love for competition makes her an integral part of the studio's success and a cherished mentor to aspiring dancers. Outside of the classroom, Ashley acts as an office Assistant. She stands as a vital behind-the-scenes contributor, ensuring that the administrative heartbeat of CRDA is strong and steady.

Competition Teachers

Sara Peacock

Competition Teacher

Meet Sara Peacock, the dynamic competition teacher at Chrissy Raes Dance Academy, whose expertise and passion for dance have made her an invaluable asset to the studio. As a competition teacher, Sara not only imparts her technical expertise but also serves as a mentor, nurturing the individual strengths of each dancer under her guidance.

In the world of competitive dance, Sara stands as a beacon of inspiration, shaping the next generation of dancers at CRDA.

Ky Williams

3-5 Year Old and Competition Teacher

Ky's dedication to her students extends beyond the dance floor. She fosters a supportive and collaborative environment, instilling in her dancers the importance of teamwork and perseverance. Her classes are characterized by a perfect blend of technical precision, artistic expression, and a contagious enthusiasm that motivates her students to reach new heights and allows her dancers to shine on stage. 

Mackenzie Gurka

3-5 Year Old, Intro Level, and Competition Teacher

Meet Mackenzie, the delightful and nurturing starting level dance teacher at Chrissy Raes Dance Academy, where she sparks joy and creativity in the youngest dancers. 

Mackenzie stands as a nurturing guide, introducing the magic of movement to the youngest dancers at CRDA. Her commitment to creating a positive and enriching experience for these budding artists makes her an integral part of the studio, where little dancers take their first steps into the enchanting world of dance under Mackenzie's gentle and encouraging guidance.

Recreational Teachers

Izzy Troncoso

Flips & Tricks Teacher

Introducing Izzy, the enthusiastic and supportive intro-level tumbling teacher at Chrissy Raes Dance Academy, where she lays the foundation for aspiring tumblers to embark on their acrobatic journey. With a passion for breaking down complex moves into manageable steps, Izzy is committed to creating a welcoming and empowering space for beginners.

Asia Forn 

Flips & Tricks Teacher

Meet Asia Forn, the passionate and experienced adult dance teacher at Chrissy Raes Dance Academy, where she brings the joy of movement to dancers of all ages and backgrounds. Asia stands not only as a beacon of inspiration, proving that dance knows no age limits, but also as an engaged and inspiring teacher to the youth. With her flips & tricks class, Asia transforms the world of acrobatics into an exhilarating journey for aspiring tumblers. Her dedication, expertise, and ability to make tumbling both fun and challenging have made her a cherished mentor at CRDA, where aspiring acrobats eagerly tumble under his guidance.

Sharea Samuel

Hip Hop Teacher

Introducing Sharea Samuel, the electrifying hip-hop dance teacher at Chrissy Raes Dance Academy, whose infectious energy and dynamic choreography have made her a standout figure in the studio. Beyond the dance moves, Sharea serves as a mentor, instilling in her students the values of self-confidence, authenticity, and individuality. She fosters a supportive environment where students are encouraged to express their unique personalities through movement, contributing to the vibrant and diverse community at CRDA. 

Natalie Tonner

Ballet, Tap, and Jazz Teacher

Meet Natalie Tonner, the versatile and passionate dance instructor at Chrissy Raes Dance Academy, where she seamlessly blends the grace of ballet, the rhythm of tap, and the expressive energy of jazz. With a rich background in each dance form, Natalie brings a unique and comprehensive approach to her classes, captivating dancers with her expertise and love for the art. Natalie’s dedication, expertise, and ability to seamlessly weave together different dance forms make her an integral part of the studio, where dancers of all ages eagerly refine their skills under her guidance.

Stephan Gaeth

Ballet, Tap, and Jazz Teacher

As a ballet, tap, and jazz dance teacher, Stephan's classes are a harmonious blend of technique, creativity, and musicality. From the disciplined elegance of ballet to the rhythmic precision of tap and the expressive movements of jazz, Stephan provides a well-rounded dance education that challenges and inspires his students. Beyond the studio, Stephan stays abreast of the latest developments in ballet, tap, and jazz. His commitment to continuous learning ensures that her classes reflect the latest trends and innovations in dance education.

Kadyn Troncoso

Flips & Tricks Teacher

As a tumbling teacher, Kadyn's classes are a thrilling combination of technique, strength-building, and creative expression. From beginners mastering the fundamentals to advanced tumblers perfecting complex flips and twists, Kadyn tailors his instruction to meet the individual needs and skill levels of his students. Beyond the somersaults and handsprings, Kadyn serves as a mentor, instilling in her students the importance of discipline, perseverance, and a positive mindset. Her ability to break down complex moves into manageable steps allows each tumbler to progress at their own pace while building a strong foundation for more advanced skills.


Brandi Troncoso

Introducing Brandi Troncoso, the vibrant and dedicated Boutique Manager at Chrissy Raes Dance Academy, where she brings her passion for dance and fashion together to curate a unique shopping experience for dancers and enthusiasts. Brandi's journey in the world of dance and retail has made her a vital contributor to the studio's vibrant atmosphere. Her dedication to enhancing the dancewear shopping experience and her role as a supportive member of the CRDA community make her an integral part of the studio's success.